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I like your work. To nitpick a little, some need white balance adjustment. There are some orange/yellow casts on some of the skin and hair. Maybe it’s just me, but that color cast bugs me a lot. It’s not very pronounced though. You do also use a lot of dutch angles, I’m not saying I don’t, but that was one of the things people on here picked my photos apart for. I am working on using it more sporadically and when the composition seems to call for it more. Some of yours I noticed would have looked much better straight. Some do seem to work though, with my new “criteria” I am judging my own photos on… I feel that dutch angles are best used when the subject’s head/eyes are level with the horizontal plane, even if the actual horizon is tilted; or, when vertical lines may work better as diagonal lines while filling the entire frame.

Feel free to crit my work also. http://www.flickr.com/photos/roxanne_elise_photography/