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These shots are OK. Definitely some skin tone issues on a lot of the outdoor portraits (green cast), some focus issues on some of them. There were a couple that had blown highlights in the background and on the subject. For example: http://brejohnsonphotography.com/portraits/#jp-carousel-554

Dutch angle shots are to be used with a specific purpose, and preferably with no horizon in the background. http://brejohnsonphotography.com/seniors/#jp-carousel-330

I also noticed about 99% of the portraits are centered, with very little use of the rule of thirds. And a lot of them have way too much head room for no apparent reason.

You do have about 4 shots that I would say are a step above the rest, like this: http://brejohnsonphotography.com/portraits/#jp-carousel-561

Also, on a side note, asking for likes on your page on a forum such as this is a bit umm… forward.