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Mrs Woo

I have 5D envy too (want the Mark III because it really is close to my 7D in control layout and what I have read about its sensor suggests I’ll get superior low-light performance and I want to start doing night landscapes).

I agree on the white balance.  I am old-fashioned – I’m not a big fan of the dutch angles?  I sometimes wonder if part of it is a photographer who is still not completely comfortable with their ability to compose an image well and/or keep the horizon…well, horizontal.  Would love to have your input on that (as an old woman, I have done almost nothing with them, so have a sincere curiosity about why people choose them).

Really, though, marketable images.  Don’t worry about the T2i, has pretty much the same sensor in it as my 7D.  Renting lenses until you can afford to buy them is wise.  You might want to try the 70-200 f/2.8 as another lens for wedding photography?  I’ve heard of wedding photogs using that one, too, and I LOVE mine.