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Sharra:  Yes, waste of money.  If you have a collection of good Nikon FX lenses, you would be better off upgrading to the latest Nikon body than purchasing a Canon body and lens adapter.  If you really want the Canon body, budget for some Canon glass or third party glass with Canon mounts, you will have a better experience than trying to adapt a Nikon mount lens to a Canon body.

From your explanation of grammar, I think you get what I was saying, it seems to have blown by the rest.  From an advertising perspective:

“These shots only start at $100.” suggests $100 is the very low end of the spectrum and the price rises dramatically for most shots or as extras are added on.

“These shots start at only $100.” suggests $100 that while some shots are more than $100, the $100 price is quite reasonable.

Grammar is important, exactly the same words, different order, different perception of meaning.


Sometimes I think the spelling checker helps us use the wrong word.  “There”, “their” and “they’re” ; “your” and “you’re”; and “then” and “than”, are all seen to be interchanged quite often.  It will probably only get worse as the current generation “texts”.