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I don’t have the 5D III but I’m thinking of getting one with an adapter for my Nikon lenses (see my list in Let’s Talk Photography -> What’s in your camera bag). Waste of money?

As for a couple other comments here – nothing to do with photography, just nit-picky grammar stuff – sorry if you’re offended or you feel I’m talking down to you…

CC: “Is “These shots only start at $100.” the same as “These shots start at only $100.”? Definitely! Modifiers like “only” affect the word immediately following them, so “only start” is like “I only eat oranges” meaning I am capable of just eating and nothing else like sleeping, walking, etc., rather than ” I eat only oranges” where I will eat nothing else BUT oranges. A Phrase like “…start at only $100” emphasizes the price, which is the word(s) FOLLOWING the modifier ONLY.

Bre: “As far as the likes thing, I personally think it’s a fun way to keep up with people and there work.” Obviously, you meant “their”. This is by far the word pair that I see misused the most. Sadly, I’ve seen it happen on occasion by literary professionals as well.