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“I have one of them that is a straight on shot as well. I personally like the tilt on this one, but everyone is different with what they like.”

With this it’s not really about not liking it. I actually like the framing, composition, and lighting of the photo. What your tilt did was make it seem like a mistake. It doesn’t feel deliberate it feels like what I go through, an inability to keep my camera level Haha. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a portrait photographer of recognition that would do a tilt like that in your picture. Key word Portrait photographer here. Conceptual, art, even editorial are different ballgames entirely.Portrait work is really more of a commercial business with less liberties.

I’m not really trying to harp on it, and if you can give me a legit reason why you feel this image is BETTER tilted, I’ll tip my hat to you and walk away. That is my point. I want you to have REASONS to break the rules that are based in Art theory/composition. These are the questions you get asked in a formal education, and the critical edge I think a lot of self taughts are missing.