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Actually, KeyAndFill, you could not be more wrong.

I’ve been photographing for over three years and have my own studio. The reason I phrase it that I am new to photography is that I believe you never stop learning and three years if really early. I started taking pictures when I was 10 and fell in love. I have only been charging for the last three years.

I am being honest in the end product being my favorite part. I don’t use photoshop, but paintshop pro. And I really don’t like too much adjustments. Using vignette should be a sin.

Finally, I do not wish to borrow your images. I will even post some of my own. I am currently at work and unable to do so. But, I will when I get off. I don’t care if you put your logo over there. I do not wish to steal your work. I have had that happen before and I understand that each of use are individual photographers.


As a last thought, (Sorry to add one more!), when you think of it, we all, at one time, started as fauxtographers. We had a dream to make it into a career. We worked our way up, slowly but surely.


That is all.