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Not bad for just shooting things around the house and honing your skills, nothing wrong with that. Now if you had said these photos are part of my portfolio, then I and many others would have said to step up your game.

The only thing I would suggest for macro photos and it is missed by many is to clean off any random hairs and as much dust as possible when taking the macro photo. Since macros are about the fine details and close-ups, no one wants to see a random hair or specks of dust. To me, this is a matter of attention to the details. Your going to get some dust and specks that you can’t remove before taking the photos, that can be taken care of in post, but if these are just for fun, then no worries.

What I would probably suggest and it is just for skills and fun, is to maybe try some forced perspective shots with your action figures, that would be a real trick to see.