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Nope!  Doesn’t count.  They purchased/used your photo after you took it, so they were getting something tangible.  To qualify as a fauxtographer, you have to be not very good at photography and selling portraiture or wedding services.   You don’t qualify by shooting news, sports, editorial, landscapes, still life, etc., etc., and so on.

To answer your real question, however, I think your own assessment is pretty accurate.  I see some boring photos with some pretty good ones mixed in.  If you are hiding from the weather, try shooting the models with more dramatic lighting and better/cleaner backgrounds.  Try out low key and high key.  See if you can get the white storm troopers on a white background, and have them look good.  Because of the contrast, they should look great on a black background.  You could visit some place like Michael’s Crafts and pick up some foam core board in white and black to use as reflectors, flags, and backgrounds.  Try out grids and snoots on lights.