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I like your portfolio, especially the BW shots of Michael.  I’m a little concerned with the PP, a little too contrasty, and the color seems odd (disclaimer:  I’m no pro, and I am away from home on an uncalibrated monitor at the moment)

Have you finished/printed any of your work yet.  If not, that should be the next step.  Sometimes high contrast and certain processing looks fantastic on our monitors, but as an actual photograph (even when calibrated perfectly and the printing is spot on) it’s another story altogether.  I just know a lot of people who are learning skip printing as a part of the process, even though it’s actually one of the most important things to do when starting out.  So if you haven’t yet, finish your work.  Not only is it empowering, but you will learn so much, that it may even change the way you shoot and/or process your images.