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@dicksforeyes – “they can post their work and be completely delusional with regard to its merit too”  true that.

“I don’t find either of these behaviors unexpected. ” DOn’t get me wrong, I expect it, I just don’t like it. 🙂 I’m a big shit talker myself. I call it as I see it with no fear, but am willing to take it as well (for better or worse)

“Hey wait you don’t seem to have any photos up either” Ooops,. shit, I thought the “website” section on my portfolio would show up. Fixed now, my sig and profile show my website. Now I don’t feel like a hypocrite, thanks!

@ Brownie – yeah, I’ve not. It’s why I said “I don’t see honest criticism actually existing here” because I’ve not seen any in all the things I’ve viewed. But if that’s the case, kudos on you. Though I’m not sure why you do it, do you think anyone reading and commenting actually will gain from it? If so, who knows maybe I’ll be a bit more constructive as well. Mostly I get a kick at all the a-hole comments and then chuckle when I see their work…. IF they have the balls to post it. 🙂

Anyway.. this was just a rant against all the internet anonymity bravado which irks me.  I know it’s how it is, don’t mean I have to like it! 🙂