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Well, they can post their work and be completely delusional with regard to its merit too. That’s got to be worse than carefully concealing your identity and hiding your stuff because you know it’s worthless.

I don’t find either of these behaviors unexpected. But I was sort of surprised how clueless some of the pretend-photographers are about the actual practical matters of shooting. For example, I think of couple people claimed that I’m using sunsets as a crutch, but shooting right into the sun effectively is waaaay harder, not easier. Not to mention that I constantly get requests to do sunsets. Then there are people who manage one passable shot of someone that’s always around, in the controlled environment of their home, and now believe themselves capable of arranging a shoot with a stranger in an unfamiliar location and nailing a dozen excellent photos in an hour. Stuff like this really belies any sort of actual experience shooting.