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Hi nesgran, here’s a bit of extra info on the shots:

The photos of the people holding the frames were in a Photo Booth I shot at a school dance. For my setup, I had two LED panels pointing at the booth while I was shooting in the middle; I also had a strobe I borrowed from a friend at the back pointing to the background and was commanding it with my pop-up flash. As for the ambient lightning, since it was a dance there was indeed very little light so I kept the ISO in 400. Overall it was quite challenging to start getting some results since I had never used external lightning before, so it probably took me around an hour before the dance to set everything up haha. The LED panels were at minimum intensity since it was really hard for the people to keep their eyes open otherwise (I had the panels fairly close to myself since there wasn’t too much space either). If you have any suggestions on how to arrange my lightning set better, I would much appreciate that since that has been the only chance I’ve had to play with external lights; hopefully next time I’ll be able to arrange something a bit better 🙂


Girl looking out the window, I should have closed my aperture another stop and lower the shutter speed; that was totally my bad. For the roof in the background, I had not realized about it until you pointed it out, now I think I won’t be able to unsee it haha. Same with the chromatic aberration, I didn’t realize before, but I just went back to Lightroom and fixed it


For the color run I was indeed quite worried about all that paint flying around. What I ended up doing was covering my lens with a plastig bag which I sealed with an adaptor ring at the front of the lens and with a rubber band at the back, then I covered the body with another plastic bag. Overall the camera stayed quite clean that day.


The fashion show was probably the hardest thing I’ve done so far, it was my first time doing something like that so I was quite nervous haha. Overall I guess I have to work on the poses I shoot, I still need to train my eyes better haha. For the focus, I tried to keep my focus point on the models eyes, but I might have still messed it up in a couple of shots.


As for the sensor dust that you and camera clicker mention, I did notice it in another of my photos but I haven’t cleaned it since I don’t owe any cleaning accessories yet. I guess I’ll try to get some on my next trip to the camera store.

For my focal length, which both of you mention in some of the shots, I do have realized that 35mm is not the best lens for portraits. Unfortunately that and a very old Nikkor-H 50mm f2. I do want to get my hands on an 85mm f1.8G, but that won’t probably happen until September once I’ve saved enough money.

Thanks a lot to both of you guys for your time and help! I will  try to direct some more portraits at least with my friends along the next couple of months to start getting a better hang out of it, and I’ll definitely see into cleaning that sensor soon( thanks a lot for the links, cameraclicker)!