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As a general comment, I’m somewhat conflicted.  When doing critiques, I like to see a larger image, or at least a large enough image that I can see if something is really in focus or not.  At the same time, when I am posting photos from an event, I may be putting up two or three hundred photos for a group to see and I doubt anyone in the group will look at anything outside the slide show, or next in stream, size.  On my own web pages, most large images are 1024 px wide and the small size is 800 px wide to accommodate smaller screens.  The forums based on the Ning template usually display about 640 px wide and if your photos are larger they are resized, which affects their appearance.  The first two of yours that I chose to examine both look much better at the largest size available than they do at the default display size.  It’s important to know your audience and understand the platform’s characteristics.


He is sharp, so are all the little bokeh balls.  It’s less obvious in the larger image.  Try reducung sharpness of the background.


This is in the group to attract the vampires among us?


Her hair (bangs) is in focus, eyes look softer, cheek looks strange.  It looks much better in the large version.  This needs a little more DOF.