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@WCS I see what you mean about the color shift. I didn’t take into account the light reflecting off of the bricks in the alley. I think I need to invest in a color checker passport.

The one of the girls in the car was taken in a church parking lot. The car shots were suppose to be done in daylight, but one of the girls ended up having to work that day and we got off to a late start and ran out of daylight. It was kind of a change of plans half assed thing. I just really wanted to use that car while we had access to it.

They bill themselves as “Pissed off country singers”, which fits in with the songs they sing. The one where they were sitting in front of the wall in the grass is one where they wanted something edgier. I guess I went a little too far with that concept there.

Thank you and I will work toward developing a color strategy.