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@CC The first one is an old one, I’ll have to go back and look at the PSD to see what I actually did in post to that one. I wasn’t getting any shallower depth of field out of the lens. f4 is as good as it gets.

The “vampire” shot, now that I look at it wouldn’t make much sense to someone who wasn’t there. That’s the girl’s mother in the foreground. She was applying powder to her neck and shoulders, not sure why. I kind of looked at the shot as the mother fading a little as the daughter came into her own and being less dependent.

These were taken at a cheer leading competition. The last shot in your post was after the first set of girls had done their routine and we had returned to the room to get the older girls ready for theirs. This was really just a quick shot I took where the camera settings were still set for the competition. I should have planned it out a little better. The cheek problem is just a result of my clumsy attempt at skin retouching. This girl has a horrible acne problem. I just did my best without giving her plastic looking skin. If I ever posted something of her without retouching I would probably never get another shot of her.

Thank you for the help.