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Yes the Celica is a 74 I built from the ground up.  That shot is from about a year ago.

I don’t do a lot in post in terms of PS trickery. Let me rephrase, I do none. Everything is done in LR. It’s not for any higher purpose of image purity or “truthfulness”  rather an admitted simple lack of experience in PS. The images you referenced in your reply with the exception of the car were all done in the last couple of months on my D800.

Yes, that first photo now that you mention those points.. the red doors particularly… background too bright… It’s not working, it gets harder to look at the longer you try.

White balance has been one of my great conundrums. I recently started using a gray card in search of a way to solve this. I believe monitor calibration is badly needed too and something I’ve neglected too long.

I appreciate your critique, the extra objective opinions are very helpful. I cannot disagree with any of your points. I’m constantly trying to improve and welcome the input. I don’t get my feelings hurt when criticized.