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Ebi- I appreciate the criticism.

The one that you said was “bad” was a client request- and she wanted to make sure the “save the date” boots were easily seen. I can kind of see how you think they look awkward- but it also doesn’t bother me at all.

I agree with the girl and guy “homecoming” photos with the bad cropping. That was my fault while taking the actual photograph, as I didn’t notice their feet were cropped until after I got home. I already slapped myself for it  and completely agree with you. But I also knew my clients wouldn’t mind the cropping as much as me. They still loved them even though I wish I could have caught it beforehand.

The posting of the color & B&W photos side by side is a personal choice. Sometimes I like to showcase both, so I do.

I also like my watermark. It’s simple and subtle.

I also don’t “pose” too much. I usually get them in a general pose and then have them interact naturally. I need the posing to get variety and so my clients aren’t constantly asking “what should we do?” (When I first started, I didn’t pose at all so this was a big issue and I didn’t know how to answer at a time). I figure my clients know what they’re getting when the book me, and like my “poses” so I’ll keep them. The only heavily-posed photos were the senior and homecoming photos (high schoolers). Oh, and certain families since they don’t know how to “act” in front of the camera. I get what you’re saying though. It really comes down to the client with how much I choose to pose them. Some are naturals. Others need more help.

And I know my work isn’t great. I’ve only been doing this seriously for a little over a year and I’m constantly trying to improve. I am very happy with how far I’ve come in the past year though. Thanks again.