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I wouldn’t have included the blurry shot when they are walking down the aisle and you’ve overdone the desaturation a little on the two kids. Otherwise I think that looks like a really nice set of shots by someone who isn’t a wedding photographer.

As for the 50 1.8, it is a remarkable lens for what it costs. Image quality is excellent but only as long as you don’t compare it to its more expensive brethren like the 1.4. The straight aperture blades and a bit off colour rendition combined with the harvester AF motor makes it less appealing to me as does the lack of FTM override.

Lenses hunting is mostly due to the body but to some extent to the lens. What body are you using? the xxxD series didn’t get good AF until the 650D whereas the 40D had good AF. Even with a tamron or sigma 2.8 you will find that the focus is far better simply because the AF sensor has far more light to work with. I had a look at your website and don’t get me wrong in a snobbish way but you badly need some better gear if you are going to charge people. You should be able to create shots that they can’t with their P&S. Go on gumtree, find yourself a 5D classic or better yet a 5d mkII and a 135 f2L if you shoot outdoors a lot or a 85 f1.8 if you shoot indoors mostly. If you shoot a lot in a well lit studio find yourself a canon 24-105 f4L for some more versatility or if you shoot mostly outdoors a canon 70-200L IS mkI or a Sigma 70-200 OS. You want to have the option to completely melt away backgrounds when they aren’t needed and for the really long focal lengths you will need the stabiliser since you don’t have lots of flashes that do high speed sync. Your shots look good and you have an eye for it but you don’t have the gear you need. In fact I would have removed the gear off your website completely as it looks really bad. If you get a full frame stick the 50 on your 400D and the 135mm of the full frame for a bit of variation.