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We have used Groupon a few times, and have seen a couple of local photographers that have offered service via Groupon.

The photographers were offering hundreds of portrait shoots for CDN$75, each.   Heck of a deal if they are any good.  I’m not offering it.

A couple of the Groupon offerings we tried, we would not have tried without Groupon and after trying them we would not repeat the experience without the discount.  In other cases, we would have used the supplier anyway but were happy to take advantage of the discount.

This is the first I have heard of Amazon Local, but I live in Canada.  Someone thinks it will be a while before we see much activity here:  http://www.canadiandealsassociation.com/are-the-large-deal-providers-coming-to-canada/

As a doctor who is doing photography as a side activity with a very specific target customer, I don’t think mass marketing will help you much.  If you did a coupon exercise and got 50 customers, how would you deal with that?  And, how would it affect your medical practice, or marriage?