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I like flower pictures, but I’m not a fan of most monochrome photos.  Focus looks good and the drops are nice.  I would rather see a colour version though.  I see the rose everyone thinks is one of the best has that “Photography by Noel” watermark.  Like IHF, I’m wondering why the watermark doesn’t line up with the account showing the photo.

OK:  “Megan Amaon from California has 26 followers on Twitter and has sent 638 tweets.
My name is megan but I go by noel and I have a sweet baby girl named Hailey. I am 21 and love photography but am studying to become a paralegal.”

Now that that’s cleared up, …

Photojournalists tend to end up taking photographs where people are shooting at them with real bullets.  Life as a paralegal may be more boring but is probably much safer.  That’s important to a single parent of a young child.  Perhaps later you can get into travel photography.

The photo of the shoe caught in the thong is dominated by a really ugly shoe.


Was that the intent?  Sadly, none of the boudoir shots are sexy.  Light, perspective and the pose all have to be good, and all three were missed.


The one I like best is the hallway


It needs a few minutes in a good editor, but I like the light, it has potential.

You are at the beginning.  Study the light.  Learn to see.  Practice.  It will come.