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I agree, the rose picture is really the only one that works for me. Would it stand up against the other millions of rose pictures created out there? I don’t know. Possibly.
What confuses me is you say you could see yourself a photojournalist, yet your pictures aren’t an attempt at photojournalism. That and the boudoir shots have a watermark with “photography by Noel”. Does this mean another photographer took the shots, or that you are soliciting portrait work under an alias of some sort?
In either case it seems sort of fishy. Not saying you are up to no good, just that it adds inconsistency and a red faux flag for me. You might want to remove the watermark on these, or remove them from your port all together because they don’t quite belong, and quite frankly aren’t shot very well.

As a beginner amateur, just experimenting and finding your way… You go girl! Study that light! But, anything more than that… I’d have to say something more along the lines of “ummmm… No. Back up, slow down, and start getting serious about your lessons and put more effort into the basics”. If you would like me to take the time to go through each shot and give a through critique, I’d be more than happy to. Just say the word