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You have some nice shots, but there are a lot of blown out high lights and you web page design is not doing you any favours.

I’m browsing on a 22″ monitor and everything is TOO BIG. None of you pics are sharp enough to be displayed at this size. Also the right scrolling design will confuse a lot of people and anyone using a mac (like me) will keep bringing up the dock when they try to scroll.

The home page image is over exposed on the girls skin and she looks very yellow. I’d clone in some more flowers to hide the bare earth patches as well. However, given that it fills the screen, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have such a bright / yellow image as a home page.

If you are going to use pics of you on the about page, you should at least be able to see your face in them.

A lot of your pics are good, just not good enough to be taking up so much of my monitor.

Hope that doesn’t sound too harsh.