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There were several pics that I thought were nicely composed but have some post issues.  Without knowing your workflow, it appears to have the look like you adjusted the contrast and clarity sliders up too far for the image.

I would 2nd what WCS stated about the girl on the home page, the flowers are throwing a yellow color-cast on her.  Proper post can alleviate that.  Also, yes your about page, no good.  Again crooked photos and way too small for an about page.  It says that your impersonal and distant, remember you have to communicate through your photos, not hide behind them.

As for your others, the photos seem nice but I have several issues that you should have seen right off the bat.  Most of you photos are crooked, your wedding photo couple is on a hill with a dramatic sunset and the horizon is way crooked, then in another photo, almost straight.  You need to concentrate on your consistency.

Most of your photos have, in my opinion, way too much DOF for the pose.  They appear to be mostly cropped in photos, probably the reason they are not sharp and your color management is way out of control, too many blown highlights and erratic skin tones.


Don’t get me wrong, you look like you have some great ideas, but need some refining.  Keep shooting, I would like to see you get better.