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The page loads slowly, several seconds to get Portraits on a 30 MB/sec service is extremely slow, I am not used to waiting.

The girl on the home page does seem to have a case of yellow skin.

Your web page controls are not very intuitive.  It showed the first image, #0, I guess, with a border at the right and a little of some other photo.  On mouse-over, you get a hand, and clicking takes you to the same image but another click gets you the next image.  It would be cleaner to go to a thumbs page, or directly to the individual photo.  I still have not figured out how to back up a photo or two.  When I got out of the individual view, I found the slider at the bottom of my window, buried under the URL for the image.

#8 , is one of the better treatments of a subject behind a foreground blind of some sort.

#12, needs fill flash.

#13, is keystoned.  Why the pose?  Why the outfit?

It looped around so I’m back at the first one.  #0 is keystoned, too.  That is more remarkable than the model, so the shot was not successful.

#1, needs more sharpness, perhaps needs to be closer to the model, needs the shadow removed/reduced through fill flash.

#2, is probably my favourite of the group, followed by #8 and #4.

So, I chose Studio, and the controls are totally different!  Some consistency would be nice.  Low marks for the studio shots.  I don’t get the beautiful luminous light feeling from any of those photos.

1/9 has yellow skin and a dirty floor/wall/seamless.

Is 2/9 done with a wind machine or is she turning her head?  Either way, her head is turned to that awkward place where the tip of her nose is disturbing the line of her right cheek.  Less turn or more turn, but not that much.  The light she is facing is too bright.

6/9 has a hot spot on his forehead and another on his nose.  My eye goes to his nose and lips instead of his eyes.

7/9 looks like you may have been trying out clam-shell lighting with a low softbox?  The light is too bright below, and too flat.

9/9 is too bright on the right side of her face.


In Weddings, 9/13 looks a bit high ISO grainy, but the sky is nice and you can see them, so marks for that.  The image feels like it should be rotated a bit clockwise, quite a bit!

“The Ultimate – $1,100
Includes unlimited coverage and
a CD with all the images desired
with a copyright release. 2 16×20
photos chosen by the client. Also a
free engagement or portrait

What if the images I desire are ones you didn’t take?  Just curious.

Why did you choose the soft focus, low contrast photo of the chick with purple hair to adorn your pricing page?