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I uploaded both images to Flickr. Here’s the link to my photostream.


To answer the question about the family photos, we did those outside of the church right after the ceremony (the “family formals”) bride’s family with couple, grooms family with couple, grandparents with couple, etc. The bride helped me out by pre-planning a list of only those who she wanted to include in the family formals (otherwise, groom’s second cousin once removed would want to jump in). We spent about 15-20 minutes doing those and then I followed the wedding party in their limo bus to the various portrait locations. We had three, and there was a half-hour bar stop in between. (The ceremony and reception were about 30 minutes driving distance from each other). They were also under the understanding that the individual guests could most certainly take pictures with the couple once they got to the reception, with their own cameras, unless there were some distinguished guests the bride and groom wanted a photo with and I was able to accomodate that.

I know it definitely does show the difference between professional skill and equipment vs. snapping with a point and shoot, but nevertheless it did spoil the pose, people are sensationalized right after a wedding when photos get posted and people get tagged, etc.