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Since it was shot at 43mm I would have been just a tad bit closer than it appears (being a slightly wide angle). I wish I could remember my distance. I am thinking though it was around 15 feet. Also realizing now I should have bumped up my f-stop for the large group. That is one of the things I forget sometimes since I normally like to shoot wide-open though that’s best for photos with fewer people.

It sounds like ArizonaGuy might be right, I didn’t realize some lenses had noticeable sharpness falloff when shooting wide-open. It was very sharp in the middle, like the bride’s face. I read up on version II of that lens though and I believe it does have IS. I am planning on purchasing that one once I can afford it, it will be my next investment. They’re close to $2000 new though. The non-IS I used for this shot was borrowed from my friend.

Cameraclicker, thank you, I will touch up her dress a bit. I had exposed kind of in-between to get a happy medium between the sky and the people, so I had to bring back some highlights in some areas and increase the exposure in others in post. I should have tried bracketing and creating a composite maybe. I did apply slight sharpening, but I don’t like to go overboard. The original image is a separate file from the one I post online. All my online posts are downsized to 2000 pixels and have a watermark added. Someone once told me 2000 is the happy number for viewing best on FB but that number keeps changing and it doesn’t always look good on there anyway. I use the same file for my Flickr uploads even though they can handle and store the full-res image (I just want it to have my watermark on it to prevent people from downloading/printing).