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I don’t think it is a student problem. She said she would get frustrated with her instructor because he would glance at the photos and say nice job, not offering critiques of what could be improved unless she specifically asked. She also said the school had a lighting kit for them to check out but they weren’t allowed to use it outdoors. And if they did they got a lecture and weren’t allowed to check it out again. She definitely has the drive to learn, which I think is great. It makes me have hope for her. She isn’t the type who just picks up a camera and thinks she is awesome. I figured she would observe during the ceremony and then go around to tables and get guest shots at the reception. Yes, there would definitely be a strict set of rules. And I chose this wedding because I know the type of setting would be relaxed enough. Its not going to be a full catholic mass or anything. It’s a small wedding at their home. Plus it is outdoors so no weird lighting. I would invite her over to my house to play around with some of my lighting equipment, but she lives an hour and a half away so it just isn’t possible.