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They were all shot with a Nikon D4, so there is not much opportunity to blame the camera, and even less opportunity if you used lenses of comparable quality.

I like the photos. I think DSC-2727_0618 and DSC_4055 are best, technically. DSC-2727_0618 has a dot (probably a leaf) in the burned out sky, right at the margin, which I would remove, and I might burn the sky and water just a little.  The pose in DSC_4055 seems a bit forced, more confrontational than loving, perhaps.  I think it is the placement of his arms causing that.
With DSC_9947, DSC_3376 and DSC_9548, I feel there is a haze that might have been eliminated with a lens hood. We are seeing a lot of that hazy “light on front element” look lately. It seems to be popular but I don’t like it.

I grabbed three of your photos and edited them. Have a look. Let us know what you think.

This one has some pretty subtle changes that I hope will help.

There was a lot more done to this one, although the logic behind the edit is the same.

Different subject, same logic, however part two was that I was put off by the rusty white chair so I got rid of as much of it as I could.

That served to help with the overall logic behind the edits.  The eye is drawn to bright areas, then to in focus areas. If your subject is darker than other elements, the eye will keep leaving your subject.  The exception to that is high key, where a bright white background disappears.