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The above comments have pointed out the obvious so not going to re-hash those.  There is nothing wrong with experimentation and finding a niche, in photography, you need whatever edge  you can get to stand out in the crowd.

The one thing that I would probably suggest over and beyond the above suggestions is the use of directional fills and catch lights.  I like the use of interesting backgrounds that don’t take away from the subject matter, but you have to make your subject stand out from the background and the their details shine, hence the direction fills.

You can use what ever you have at your disposal, but I find that grids and or a fresnel light work great for this, but it will obviously depend on your budget and or your location.  Barn-doors will work but may not be able to focus the light to a tight enough area.

For the catch lights, a simple piece of poster board can work or if you have the $$, maybe a ring-flash, but not always needed.  It looks like you are trying to make the subjects as dark as possible, and I mean in a Gothic kind of way, but the catch lights will show some sort of life in your subject even if your going for that living dead beauty thing.  Try it and see, trust me, it will add some Pop into the photos.