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Maya, you seem to be trying out lots of things, which I think for the stage you are at, is great, I’d say keep experimenting. Finding your own artistic voice is like trying on a lot of different hats ’til you find what works best.

I agree with the above comments that you need to hone your technical skills more.

One thing I wanted to say was sometimes, less is more. While it is great you’re trying lots of different things, imho, some of the images seem to be being different, just for the sake of being different. I find the octopus ones like this. I think you can create more of a sense of impact, or that something out of the ordinary is happening by simplifying the image/idea. For example, if everything was normal except for the fact that there was this octopus in her bath – I think it would have more impact. I’m not saying don’t try out different things – I’m saying try not to overload any one idea – I hope that makes sense.

Your Ophelia idea seemed interesting too – did you find anyone for the shoot? If you don’t know him, you may be interested in this guy, who did a series of creating contemporary images based on classical art.