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We’ve seen these photos… well, the ones past the obvious new ones.

She looks like she’s taking a very nice poop. Aside from that, the pose you have her in is just weird and unflattering. Her nose defines the contour of her face because of how high up she’s looking.

Focus is on her hair, making her eyes out of focus. And it’s not really an interesting image. We can’t see enough to understand what’s going on, but we can see too much to not have the intrigue that a tighter shot would have.


I can’t figure out WHY you took this image?

This would be your best photo on there in my opinion if only you had a bit better composition. As for lighting/editing of it, it’s awesome. Reminds me of Robby Cavanaugh.

The few images of the girl following that photo aren’t even worth talking about.

This one seems to have camera shake motion blur?


I’m not sure you should be charging. But if you’re the only photographer in your area that will shoot octopi on your clients, then I guess you have that genre all to yourself.