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I’m not crazy for some of the editing you do, (just personal taste talking) and some the lighting is just… Huh?! Whatever
Like this
And this

Then there is just snap shots thrown into the mix like these
brandon wells. my man.
taryn is crazy
These are my favorite out of your port. They just work all around. I really really like them.
adventures 1.5

While I feel sometimes your editing is a little over the top
Holy cow!! Noooooooooo!!!
train yards.

I feel like you have some really nice compositions going on, and it doesn’t seem to be happening by accident.

I don’t think you are a faux for a couple reasons. Seems you shoot with intent, and you aren’t really shooting in the fauxtog genre of family portrait/event photography. AKA shooting for hire. If you make sales, it’s after the product is made.