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The color is much better and more subtle, but there is still that strange contrasty thing going on, especially with this one


A couple also have too much pp on the eyes.

I have a feeling, instead of working on your editing all you did was try a different action.

To useanother people’s actions successfully you really need to learn first what they are doing, and learn proper editing first.


Think of it this way…. How can someone else’s actions help MY photos?  They were all taken in a different location, different time, different settings, with a different camera, different subjects, different end outcome etc.  learn how to edit your photos first, before taking editing short cuts.  There’s really no other way to go about it and have a complete understanding to how an action effects your photos.

You don’t want your business to be dependentsomeone’s one else’s editing style.  You need to work on your own.