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reality check

Ahh! Another semi pro, I see.

ok, I’m going to forgo the lecture about not being in business until you have had time to learn and become a photographer.  You obviously already know this, and chose to continue on anyway.

right now I see very little difference in your recent shots compared to earlier shots unfortunately.  I DID notice that you include multiple edits for a single pose, and multiple shots for a single pose.  One pose, should be represented once.  You have albums with 10 to 20 shots in them, that really only contain 5 different poses.  Still not using light to your advantage, still not paying attention to backgrounds, or details.  Still cutting off at the joints, and not cropping properly, still having white balance and exposure problems, still not understanding basic composition, still making snap shots.  The editing has gotten worse instead of better. Your black and white conversions aren’t going very well , and the editing in general is all over the place.

advice?  Lay off the editing until you get your basic camera work down.  Learn proper comp, learn direction and posing, then move on to lighting.  You have a long way to go before you start shooting for others, “affordable” or not.


and hey!  I personally think photogs in this genre, that shoot for hire should make more than someone working for minimum wage at some fast food chain. Lots of time, money, and very  hard work go into being in the photography profession.  If this means portraiture and event photography is a luxury, than so be it.  If you’re going to go ahead and be in business, and charge for your services, at least have the decently to charge appropriately  and/or not make legit togs that actually put the time, money, and effort into being for hire and need to make a living, look bad with the words you use in your bio to promote yourself.  Sorry for being so harsh, but reading your “about” just completely rubbed me the wrong way, and put a bitter taste in my mouth, and I see it happening way too often to let it go uncorrected.  Couple that with the learn as go pro mentality, and offering mediocrity for money..ugh… I’m done