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reality check

All of these photographers cater to military families, and ofer pre deployment shoots, family photo shoots, newborn shoots, and boudoir while a spouse or loved one is away serving, and homecoming sessions.  Some discount heavily, and most give their time.  All of them are legit photography businesses, and have invested in themselves and their photography before going into business.  They are not all that and a bag of chips, or anything over the top fantastic, just togs making a living with their photography.  All of them have been operating profitably for at least 3 years.  This is the level of quality that not only our military deserve, but also anyone who hires a professional, or semi professional to make photographs for them.  This is just a hand ful, after a quick Internet search.  Whether someone pays $10 or $10,000, they deserve the product they are paying for.  A well composed, properly exposed,  properly lit, flattering photograph of themselves or their loved ones.