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I am low ranking military, and im having a hard time not taking offense to what you just said.  It read like this to me “I shoot for low raking military, and not only do they know no better, but they dont give a crap.  They are happy with anything anyone does for them cheaply”

I would not hire you.  I’d ask you about your camera and save up for it if I wanted better pictures than a cell phone can produce, or ask you if I could borrow yours.  If I wanted professional quality photographs, I would hire a pro.  This would prove to be very difficult because people like you make things about as clear as mud.  As it stands, you are just a girl with a nice camera.  That’s totally obtainable  for anyone near a NEX or the like.  In fact how many people in your area have done just that?  I know my neighborhood is chuck full.

if your goal was/is to produce a product better than a cell phone can produce, congratulations!  You are there!  Right along with thousands of others.  I wish you luck, and lots of clients. Some shoot to convey, with the sole purpose of becoming the best photographer they can be.  Others shoot for money.  If the latter, I expect them to produce higher quality photographs than I or my aunt Nelly can produce, and if they dont, they are a fauxtog.  Learn to embrace it for what it is.  You have plenty of company, and no one is stopping you.  Keep going, and just leave the whole “I need to be excepted  by my peers” thing alone, because that wont happen for you as long as you continue to feel the way you do about this.  Go ahead and be an owner of a shoddy business, hand people a subpar product and tell them its amazing.  Have fun while it lasts, and enjoy the ride until you move on to something else.

my work is irrelevant.  I am not a pro, and don’t have the expertise or skills to become one.  I’ll leave that up to all the pros and semi pros out there.  But I do have eyes and can see a difference between a quality photograph, and what you are producing.  I am also self aware, and I understand that there is no way a person can obtain an expertise in anything, without putting time effort and training into it first.  You do realize that it takes years to accomplish what you are setting out to do, and not weeks or months?