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You’re clearly NOT delusional, but I assume you’re aware of that 🙂

Your shot of ‘Fate’ should be in a magazine.

CC lends far more cerebral insight into your work and, as usual, his mind is in gear. I whole heatedly agree with his statement “In summary, if they were a bunch of photos on a wall in a gallery I wouldn’t think many were out of place.”

25+ years ago my sis-in-law went to F.I.T. here in Manhattan. During her photography class (the film day), the class assignment was to hand in one shot un-retouched, in color or B&W. Most of her classmates produced hundreds of shots and sifted though them daily, critiquing each other and putting them into graded piles of possibles.

Fran took her camera everywhere and waited for THE photo. She only shot once, developed it locally and handed it in.

And it won her an A.

AND the teacher was so insanely jealous of Fran’s abilities that she offered some petty criticism about shadow and composition and how she could improve them.

AND it is still hanging in the student gallery at F.I.T. to this very day.