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I’m fifteen and just starting out but I wanted to know if I have ANY talent

This may come as a shock, but almost all people who you may have judged as having an innate ability to perform some technical skill (WITHOUT any prior formal training) have indeed LEARNED how to become masters at what they do. We often see great artwork and think to ourselves “wow, they’re talented,” thinking that there was very little (or perhaps NO) preparation before the ‘great masterpiece’ was unveiled. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The fact that you’re taking the first steps at your age to explore the camera and your abilities with it is a fine beginning. Learn more of the art (yes, it IS learned) and explore the ‘rules’ of photography and get them down pat. Then learn for yourself how and when to break the rules.

This whole process is likely to take years, but the fun is in the journey, looking back at your photos to see how you’ve evolved.

Keep shooting. You’re doing fine!  🙂