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Madison – I agree that you seem to have potential, and that learning your camera inside and out while also training your eye will help you go far!

While I think that a great deal can be learned and hard work can trump talent, I’m not sure I agree 100% that talent has no effect. There has to be some self-awareness at the very least if the talent isn’t there, if that makes sense. For example I personally know someone who has been working on learning a musical instrument very hard, with very good teachers, for nearly 30 years, and is just slightly better than the 2nd graders I know working on the same thing for less than 3 years. Part of the issue is she thinks she’s really good, and can’t recognize her own mistakes, even when they are pointed out to her. Combined with a lack of innate talent, she just never improves. If she had the talent, she’d do better. If she could recognize her mistakes, she’d do better. Gotta have one of the two! I think that may be part of the issue with some “fauxtographers” – they think they’re better than they are so are unable to see their mistakes or shortcomings.