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I don’t get it.

So you took this guy out to teach him how you make your shots using steel wool.  Then you post one of his images from your lesson, and talk about how yours is superior.  Then you also start talking about his other photographs, and his photography in general.

First, if you felt he had no potential and didn’t agree with or like what he’s been doing, why offer to teach him?

second, if he failed at getting the shot while working with you, then doesn’t that just reflect badly on YOU the teacher?

you offered unsolicited critique to someone who isn’t receptive.  Unsolicited critque rarely, if ever helps a fauxtographer.  They already “know” they are good enough to go pro and charge people for their expertise. (Just as you know you are good enough to teach)  They will almost never respond kindly.  To top it off, you put yourself in a mentor type position and then stepped all over it by posting his pictures along side critisism, unless that was agreed upon before hand and it was understood that that is what you would be doing, it was a major asshole move.  You just shut a Fauxtog off even more tightly to learning, and to critisism by behaving the way you did.  That is IF I’m understanding correctly.

You may be right in your assessment, but you were very unethical in the way you went about things