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Sure don’t see your work  you fucktard!

Again, as CC insinuated above some months ago, your grammar requires some remediation.

I don’t have much time, so I’ll be succinct. In EVERY English sentence there must be a subject and a predicate.  Your statement above does not qualify as a inasmuch as there is no defined subject. Writing a simple “I” would suffice as the defined subject. Moving along, using “sure” as an adverb modifying “don’t” works GRAMMATICALLY but the urban genre from which the rest of the statement is borne begs for  different wording – perhaps “ain’t seen” would suffice. “Your work,” while, again, technically correct, wouldn’t allow the same fluency. Perhaps “YO shit” emphasizing the ‘yo’ with caps.

Substitution of these 2 phrase would also take care of the missing comma.

“you fucktard” is a splendid choice as an interjection phrase. The only change I’d make here is to capitalize the ‘F’ because, technically, the word becomes a quasi-proper noun as it refers back to a named individual, EyeDocPhotog. But that’s a small point.

So…. let’s put it all together shall we? You wrote

Sure don’t see your work  you fucktard!

and incorporating my changes we now have

I ain’t seen YO shit, you Fucktard!

Better? 🙂