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Thanks for the feedback guys. 🙂

Let me just start by talking about the Diana F+ Lens. That lens is made of plastic. It’s a lomography lens, not exactly something I intend to use professionally, it’s just something for me to have fun with. The thing with it being plastic is that everything always turns out a bit blurry and out of focus. It also brings out the colours a lot, which explains that photo with the flowers.

Now about the composition, that has always been my problem. It’s something that I need to improve, specially being an aspiring filmmaker.

The thing with the contrast and the composition, specially in the photos with people who are not aware that the camera was there is that I snapped them really quickly, I didn’t have much time to adjust aperture or shutter speed or anything like that. I just ended up not hating the photos completely, because I find it more interesting to take photos of people rather than landscapes or inanimate objects.

I am not in any way trying to excuse myself, I really appreciate the feedback and I’ll definitely take it into consideration. And thank you guys for taking the time to go through the photos and commenting on them.

I’m going to do a photoshoot with a friend of mine, hopefully having more control over the lighting and camera settings and everything before I start snapping the photos. Let’s see how they turn out.

Thanks again. 🙂