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Your images are sharp, white balance is good, lighting is fine¬†etc….You would benefit from studying how to pose a newborn. I’d also take the word “crap” off your website.

You seem to prefer a more lifestyle approach to newborns and that is great! here are a couple newborn photographers who embrace that style.




If you are going to pose newborns in classic nude tushie up and side poses you should learn how to do it well and safely. There are tons of classes and workshops. Creative Live has a few available with Ana Brandt and Kelly Brown. The Kelly Brown Newborn Posing class is probably the most bang for your buck if you are going to shoot a lot of newborns.

Robin Long has a series of videos for purchase on her website too.


There are lots of $$$ in person workshops around the country too. It all depends on how much money you want to spend.