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let me put it this way cause that is kind of broad.

These are personal shoots where i didn’t charge (testing & experimenting), however if they liked it. They pay for the prints and any equipment needed to give them the files or images i.e cd or their own thumb drive. Not sure if you consider that a charge. These collection of work is mainly for portfolio (school) and for me to learn and have fun with no client capping me with limits.

I personal have done paid job but is nothing artsy or anything like these collection. I do more photo journalism work and some events. So if you consider that then yes i charge.

Like my title mention, to each their own and the more i shot and edit the more i start to developed my photography skills (need to start somewhere). Right now you can tell i am learning the tools in photoshop but what i really want to do is street photography. a 28mm on a dslr and be good 😀 I like to learn film too but there is no one locally who will spend that time to pass down that art without charging a leg or arm. I am also a broke college student, who just invested a ton of money into my first full fame camera and decent lens. btw i don’t charge for my photography. i charge for my time and equipment used to give the client the image (I need to buy ramen somehow).

Hopes this answer the question 😀