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So… I see horizons that are not level, some photos that might benefit from a tripod, some strange colours.  That pink one of the house has what looks like a paper clip at upper left, but I think it is part of the antenna attached to the chimney.    I would say they are an interesting collection but not my cup of tea.  But don’t sell your camera and quit, either.  Your photography is just more “arty” than my taste, I prefer more natural looking photos most of the time.  In the news yesterday some painting was auctioned off for a ridiculous amount, and it was a large canvas with a few rectangles of colour painted on it!

I like Orange Sea, but think it might need leveling.  Burning Son is pretty cool but the sun in the sky is “sun” and your male child is “son”.   Run has the feel of running through the woods and gives me the creeps!   I think I would crop DSCF4843 on the left side about where the lower branches cross.  Purple Sea does nothing for me at all, but from the name I can tell it is what you had in mind.  Join some of the on-line photo clubs and enter their contests or check out their critique forums to get a wider view.