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You say ” So my approach to photography is basically trying to capture in some way what i see in the world, not neccisarily just through the way i look at it on the surface (artsy fartsy, i know) trying to incorporate the feeling brought on by that setting, place, time or whathaveya.”

This can be a valid form of expression. Problem is I feel you can’t ask for constructive critique on something that personal or artistic. When you do this type of work and it’s not for pay or you aren’t hired for it, it’s art. Are all your photo’s my taste? no. but you love them. I think you have some technically faults you should probably work on, like this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/into-the-dark/8186184600/in/set-72157632012357594/ it doesn’t look intentional, just either badly shot or badly worked. Find that line of where it looks unintentional and intentional.

Just my note 🙂