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Worst Case, if you click on one of the 3 images the OP posted, it takes you to her flickr account.  The images CC posted are hers as well.

That said…The couple sitting on the bench is my favorite.  You have some great shots, some “ok” shots, and some that I would not display at all.  The image with the birds flying against the blue sky is one that I would remove entirely.  It isn’t a strong shot.  The subjects do not take up enough of the frame to make it seem like an intentional shot.

Overall, I see some great potential here.  Eliminate the tacky hand-heart poses, please.  You only have one, but that’s one more than I would like to see 😉  You seem to have a decent grasp of exposure, dof, and composition.

If you’re looking to get into portraiture, I would say practice some more to build a strong portfolio of those types of images.  Right now I’m mostly seeing wildlife and sports shots.  People who are looking for a portrait photographer aren’t going to be wowed by photos of cats and horses because that is not what they will be looking to hire you for.  Best of luck!