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I like the light in this one:
Nikki and Sarah
This one’s sweet & funny:
Photo Shoot: Stephanie and Athena
That white horse has personality! There are several good shots of it.

Try to avoid signs and other printing unless the sign is the point of the shot:
When you shoot flowers, unless decay is the topic, try to pick good looking specimens. Clean up any minor flaws with an editor, or shoot flowers that have just bloomed and are perfect:

If you use the Save To Web option, EXIF data is stripped. EXIF data tells us what camera, lens, and settings were used. Knowing that can sometimes be helpful when suggesting changes.

Camera guy worked as a near silhouette. Any darker and the camera would be difficult to discern. On the other hand, if you popped a flash, you could light the camera and person while keeping the background light, which might be a better option if seeing the person is important. Even in many of your outdoor-daylight shots, a flash would help.

The swan and cormorants shots are OK. The swan’s head and neck may be a bit dark compared to the back which is perhaps too bright. The cormorants shot is pretty busy. Low power flash might have added catch lights, which would help.

Keep shooting, keep trying different things and learning. Your photography is coming along nicely.