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The lion photo is not as good as the rest.  The trees look over processed.  The lion is small, in the centre of the frame, and the rock beside its head is burned out on top.  It has too much environment and not enough lion.  That shot needs a longer lens or a teleconverter.

The old tower beside the new office building needs adjustment, the vertical lines converge.  The easiest way to fix it is with Lens Correction in Adobe Camera Raw or Photoshop.  ACR’s tool is like the one in many packages, you adjust the slider and guess at the correct amount.  Photoshop’s version displays a grid so you can get the adjustment exact.

“buon giorno” would be better if you panned left 5 degrees, or enough to get the cropped in half sailboat out of the photo, and to remove about half the space between that boat and the one to the left of it.  You could still crop it like that to see.

If “Love” was shot raw, I would go back into either Canon’s DPP or ACR and try adding some fill light to bring out detail in his suit, particularly the left arm, then I would look at the noise to decide if it is worth the adjustment or not.

The rest look pretty solid.